Acoustic Brands Limited, ABL is a brand focused distribution consultancy firm, managing the distribution, branding and agent sales of premium High End Hi Fi brands, employing an independent, lean and bespoke route to market, selecting the most appropriate network of sales points and marketing the brands to reach traditional and non traditional Hi Fi consumers; always introducing new people to High End Audio brands and retailers. We provide hands on and fun approach to sales and marketing. Evangelical on all things Hi Fi we enthusiastically promote the benefits of quality and luxury to all whom we do business with.

Our intense passion for music extends out of Hi Fi and into other realms of the music landscape and we pride ourselves in informing, sharing and discussing many of these elements of our quest for musical experiences.

To our retailers we offer new exciting brands that have the utmost High End Hi Fi credentials and that appeal to a wider audience, guiding new consumers into the wonderful world of High End audio, music and their stores.

To our consumers we provide knowledge and guidance in achieving ones Hi Fi dreams and exploring the possibilities without boundaries, and along the way sharing our passion and musical journeys.


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