T+A elektroakustik

T+A stands for “Theory and Application” in elektroakustik Electro-Acoustic.

T+A was established in Herford Germany in 1978. From conception to final packaging, it’s all done here. T+A’s aim is to reproduce music at the highest standard from any source with the utmost fidelity, respecting the original source material. Engineered with long product cycles, extended service life and options to upgrade your product and investment with T+A, this makes T+A unique in today’s throwaway society.

T+A aim high, the products are all aimed at the High End audiophile and developed by a dedicated team of Physicists, Engineers and Technicians with years of experience and not concerned with the mass market, but only to provide products of the highest quality and to the utmost specifications, even creating critical components in-house. From traditional valve amplifiers to the latest in streaming clients, the team makes no compromises.

ABL and T+A are working in partnership to bring you the most practical Audio-Visual products available in the market. This is not an empty statement but a true solution strategy for anyone looking to have the highest possible quality in home cinema, stereo music and multi room function from one unit!

ABL will focus on T+A’s K series electronics and speakers, their E Series and innovative Caruso multi-source system. The T+A product range has much more to come, current ranges such as the aluminium encased R series and avant-garde V series with the new M10 Mono Power amplifier capable of 1500 watts! And their new Solitaire® range of speakers, combining electrostatic units, forward and side firing drivers; a truly High End loudspeaker.

What we need in todays saturated AV market is a solution that fulfils the need for a DVD, Blu-ray, CD, iPod dock, Streaming client with wireless capability for all formats to include FLAC and Lossless, a unit that can deliver Internet radio, 7.1 surround sound and at least one other listening zone – all this from one box – yes one box, look no further, T+A covers this and more with the three series it will be introducing to the UK Hi Fi and AV markets.

ABL is looking for High Street retailers, Custom AV Installation firms and New Media Consultancies that wish to provide their customers and clients a reliable, quality and long lasting AV solutions.