Holborne Swiss Audio Instruments

Precision instruments are synonymous with Swiss culture, railway timetables, banking and watches. Widely known in High End Hi Fi circles the Swiss have historically been at the forefront of quality Audio products but this has been a secret amongst the very few.

ABL are proud, indeed honoured to introduce Holborne Swiss Audio Instruments to the UK and ROI markets.  Holborne has been making quality amplifiers since 1992 by musician and engineer Meinrad Müller, his brother Reiner joined the company in 2008 bringing his background in design and engineering to the Holborne brand.

Today the company makes a very small but precise range, with a clear roadmap of complimentary products. Holborne have a clear philosophy; create beautifully crafted precise audiophile products that offer exceptional value, simple and long lasting enjoyment to those who seek a one brand High End solution.

To start with, Holborne have the CA270 integrated amplifier a Mosfet-Tube-Hybrid amplifier, with a linear signal path and only two amplifier stages. Available with or without internal MC phono stage.

With Swiss precision as their benchmark, Holborne have designed two turntables, a patented dualpivot tonearm and an MC phono cartridge to ensure all components compliment and are in complete synergy with each other. This is combination is simply genius. The Analog I has a tape loop transmission for prime sonic performance, coupled with a brushless Maxon Swiss drive motor and magnetically relieved cone bearing for stable power transfer. The Analog II differs in that it has a 3kg platter managed by a ruby-saphire bearing, all in a classic design. Both are configured with the Holborne MC1 microridge 0.4mV moving coil cartridge and patented Dualpivot tonearm. The Dualpivot tonearm, and MC cartridge are sold separately, but Holborne’s combination is ideal and provides one with the ultimate in analog precision.

Not strictly reserved for connoisseurs, Holborne’s price points appeals to all who aspire to beautiful analog format reproduction.


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