Ceratec Audio Desing

German engineering meets high design and audiophile sound quality! Never has this combination of principles been successfully achieved in the way Ceratec Audio Design produce their range of loudspeakers.

Ceratec embodies Bauhaus design principles and with a deep belief that in todays quality conscious market Hi Fi products have to deliver exceptional sound performance while appealing to new discerning and design aware audiophiles. Equally this quality cannot be a hollow gesture but have true substance and luxury appeal. Long lasting quality materials and affordable pricing are a difficult balance to strive for but Ceratec have managed to intelligently offer a range or speakers that tick all these boxes; a truly incredible feat!

Ulrich Ranke, Founder and CEO has long established his engineering expertise in the industry, passionate about ensuring that his speakers appeal to a wider audience in particular making sure that female audiophiles can enjoy quality sound with visual acceptance into the décor of ones home. Not reserved exclusively for this critical part of the purchase decision, Ceratec has the unique quality of true High End credentials, sound quality and technical innovation.

The ranges are sublime – constructed with anodised aluminium, polished steel and tempered glass of the highest grade.  The Effeqt range is made for todays demanding digital formats while providing exceptional control with analog formats. Detail at the top end of the highest order with an amazing control of the bottom end, bass is natural not fat or muddy but precise and realistic.

The Effeqt range can either be used in a traditional two channel set up but with a stunning selection of centre speakers your home cinema options are now complete.The Vita and Venom Sub-Woofers are ideal for adding the crash, the band and the wallop to your film night!

The Xeno range is unique in its innovative Ceralight® technology provides mood lighting, an ideal solution to professional home cinema installations, sight and sound. Equally the Xeno range tackles more esoteric elements of personal well being – uniquely, the most complete and unique sound and vision offering ever!

Soon Ceratec will revolutionise the way wireless audiophile quality is enjoyed around the home – watch this space!


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