Bertram Audio

There comes a time when an audiophile in the pursuit of excellence seeks a cable an interconnect solution that will make a significant improvement to his lovingly selected system. At the same time the mind turns to the arguments and validity of any such improvement being achieved with a mere change of speaker cables or interconnects.

The debate will probably go on for ever but I have finally experienced true improvement and indeed enhancement when using Bertram Audio cables. Don’t get me wrong here, I have also experienced these improvements with other brands but Bertram is unique in its sonic signature and in the way the Founder Soeren Bertram approaches his craft.

Bertram-Audio Cables of Denmark are truly hand crafted, using 99.99% pure silver or gold, folded over 15 times as if one were forging a sword, then they are twisted by hand, creating the most visually attractive cable; jewellery for your Hi Fi, and finally the terminals are laser-welded eliminating solder and other impurities. RCA, XLR and Spaded speaker terminated cables make up the range; copper variant also available.

Bertram Audio is the ultimate improvement to any High End audiophile system.


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