AUDIOMANUFACTURE by Boenicke Audio – The Honest Company.

This is how Designer and Founder Sven Boenicke starts to describe his company, a man without compromise, Sven is a recording engineer by training and through his experiences with live performance recordings has the ability to internally store sound references and has designed the most unique way of manufacturing loudspeakers.

Not only are they sonically precise they are exquisite in their appearance and construction; furniture of the highest bespoke quality. Hand made from specially selected woods that you choose for the ultimate in individual indulgence.

The ranges start with the B series it has two models the B8 and B10. The Studio 12 is first and foremost a professional recording studio monitor that requires AUDIOMANUFACTURE’s own amplifier with DSP acting as an active crossover! However, unlike professional monitors, the cabinet design of the Studio 12 will compliment any home décor – imagine this level of precision in your home.

Across the AUDIOMANUFACTURE range but in particular the SLS – are all designed as beautiful sculptured furniture. The SLS epitomises the marriage of technical and crafted design. The SLS is tall, slim and elegant a triumph in speaker cabinet and accurate audiophile grade loudspeaker.

Topping the speaker offering are the amazing W10 and powerhouse W20, this series is the pinnacle of any PURIST audiophile’s dreams.

AUDIOMANUFACTURE are so pedantic they have their own specially tuned amplifiers, cables, racks and stabilisers, a brand for all music lovers.


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