Artora from Denmark is a brand to look out for, in collaboration, renowned architect Bo Christensen and painter Niels Bjorndahl have undertaken to revolutionise the way music is being listened by many today. For us at ABL it fulfils our prime reason for existing; fun music sharing in a way that embraces new media without compromising luxury and High End audio experiences!

Artora has stripped down all unnecessary and complex controls, enabling the simplest and most intelligent means of interacting with your music.

Less is More is Artora’s mantra to the extent that volume control and track selections on their Artoamp 150 and Artoplayer 1000 are literally etched onto the product!

They are cool, functional and intuitive, allowing one to be introduced to High End audio without all the complications that is sometimes off putting.

The Artora range is simple:

Artoamp 150

  • 16 wireless inputs via Bluetooth® (BT) allowing seamless streaming from any BT device.
  • 3 RCA line level inputs.
  • With dimensions of only 305mm X 305mm X60mm you’d think it wouldn’t deliver the power of most High End systems. Again, Less is More is prevalent here because this amplifier is capable of 2×150 watts with purity of -100dB between the notes!

Artoplayer 1000

  • A finely tune CD player with the simplest of controls, reminiscent of the very first CD players; Play, Skip back and forth, and Pause via the surface graphics Less is More!
  • No compromises here either; a Burr-Brown DAC (digital to analogue converter) is integral to its well paced reading of the CD data; of course – it has a digital output!
  • A truly High End player, designed to capture the imagination of aspiring audiophiles who are tired of the traditional boring boxes.


  • Constructed of the highest quality polished aluminium it is weighted and of a size that is as pleasurable to hold as it is to use it’s simple functions; Play, Pause, Skip and Volume. No rocket scientists need apply!


  • Finally the most simple andintelligent way to use and lock in your iPod® signal. If you are tired of docking stations, streaming media players and NAS drives then just pop the luxury chocolate sized Artoair onto your iPod® and instantaneously connect to the Artoamp 150. Allowing one to control the music you already own.

The entire range is sheer beauty and of the highest quality, designed in a way that focuses on the simplest operation leaving one the time to enjoy the music; after all that is what we are talking about………


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