Acoustic Brands Limited, ABL is the exclusive UK and Republic of Ireland distributor of exceptionally qualified High End Hi Fi and Audio Visual equipment. We have painstakingly selected brands who share our passion for music, design and entertainment, and who strive for the best in music reproduction. We pride ourselves in personal contact with our retailers and strive to provide them with unique training and product knowledge.

Our selection of brands is a testament to the way music is listened and shared today, sourcing the latest in systems that bring the convenience of digital sources and interfaces while maintaining traditional audiophile requirements. We believe that beautiful design is not only critical to todays consumer it is integral to the inclusion of all who strive for quality and luxury in Hi Fi. We also believe in analog sources and reproduction equipment completing and balancing our audiophile – “lovers of music” – story.

ABL will also be involved in guiding you towards musical experiences wether they be through direct CD of Vinyl purchases or via links to live music events. We will strive to engage professional music industry experts to bring you into their activities and services. In addition to our products, we have a very unique, bespoke listening service, the ultimate in High End Hi Fi experiences; watch this space!!


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